Today is January 1, 2021. I write this post slightly inebriated as I had just downed a long cold red stripe beer. I am cuddled up next to my partner in crime. I am scared. Why am I scared? cuz didi is sick, and..I cant even talk about that right now. Its too much to… Continue reading 2021


My thoughts are not really my thoughts here. I guess this is just an outlet for me being me but not really. I guess I’m aware of the fact that this isn’t anonymous so i guess i censor myself when writing. ¬†Thoughts…im excited to enter this new chapter whatever it is…. and i dunno.. finally… Continue reading Hi..


Hi…I don’t know why I’m writing this on a public forum but…whatever..I need an outlet. How many of use struggle with mental health? As I get older and wiser *cough cough* I feel…meh. I can’t explain this meh-ness, why i wake up sometimes and the chemicals just don’t combine seamlessly resulting in…happiness! contentment! how the… Continue reading Questions